Pipie No. 2 is in the Bosomtwe District and is one of the 22 communities with a common shoreline on Lake Bosomtwe. The community suffers from excessive erosion, low rainfall, low fish harvest as compared to other communities, and siltation of the lake.

After the baseline study, the Asante Kingdom Landscape Restoration Programme decided to implement a landscape Restoration intervention at the community to improve the ecosystem service provision and arrest the erosion of the lake and reduce the siltation. Reeds (known locally as Nwere) were planted as a riparian buffer strip to serve as an interface between the dry land and the lake. 5,600 seedlings of different species were planted in the buffer and the transition area to provide shade and also help arrest the perennial erosion.

On Sunday the Programme’s Coordinator received news that a developer had cleared portions of the buffer and in the process cleared all the trees, shrubs and reeds we planted at the buffer zone .

A formal complaint was made to the Police at the district command at Kuntenase. The station officer, Inspector Edward Aboagye who received the complaint, detailed Corporal Elizabeth Sabah of the Criminal Investigative
Unit (CID) to investigate the case.

To prevent future occurrence of land sale that includes the protective areas around the lake, a decision was reached to run an orientation programme for Nananom and other stakeholders.

At the Meeting the following ensued:

  1. Nananom were briefed on the action taken so far on the destruction of the trees at Pipie No.2
  2. Nananom were given an orientation on the bye laws and a copy given to each one of them
  3.  Nananom made very educative contribution and unanimously supported the chairman-on his suggestion that we should embark on an extensive educational campaign on the bye laws

And at the end of the deliberation, it was concluded that; He (Baffour Senkyire Amoako-the developer) halts the development of the project with immediate effect, supply 5,980(five thousand, five hundred and 80 seedlings) to be replanted, that 2000 seedlings will be planted at Pipie No.2 where the destruction occurred, a formal agreement is to be signed between the defendant to be witnessed by Nana Kuntenasehene and the District Assembly, amongst others.

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